UPDATE: Salt Lake City 200

Posted by Riley Racing in News

The team started the ambitious project of installing and sorting a new Bosch ECU and wiring system for our PitchEngine Riley Racing Mazda RX-8 at the beginning of August. The team knew it was going to be a tight schedule to have Bosch build a custom ECU and wiring harness, install the system, work out any bugs and issues, and have the car sorted in less than 4 weeks, but we saw it as a project that was certainly possible.

As the saying goes, “expect the unexpected.” The team ran into multiple teething issues with the new system, including chasing a misfire for an entire day, thus wasting valuable development time. As this entire Bosch system is new to the team, it isn’t a simple plug-and-play system, and requires not only learning how to install the system, but also how to operate and modify the tuning parameters for the ECU.

Long story short, we will not be competing at or attending the Salt Lake City 200 in Utah on September 11. We apologize to all of our fans and anyone that was as excited as us to see the all-new PitchEngine design on the Riley Racing Mazda RX-8 at speed. Since this is the last race of the season, we are dedicating the next few months of the off-season to developing, tuning, and perfecting the new Bosch system in our Mazda RX-8. Expect to see us fighting for the win in Daytona.

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