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The team started the ambitious project of installing and sorting a new Bosch ECU and wiring system for our PitchEngine Riley Racing Mazda RX-8 at the beginning of August. The team knew it was going to be a tight schedule to have Bosch build a custom ECU and wiring harness, install the system, work out any bugs and issues, and have the car sorted in less than 4 weeks, but we saw it as a project that was certainly possible.

As the saying goes, “expect the unexpected.” The team ran into multiple teething issues with the new system, including chasing a misfire for an entire day, thus wasting valuable development time. As this entire Bosch system is new to the team, it isn’t a simple plug-and-play system, and requires not only learning how to install the system, but also how to operate and modify the tuning parameters for the ECU.

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