Riley Mazda

Riley Mazda is owned and operated by the Riley family since 1958. They are conveniently located off exit 8 north or south on I-95 in Connecticut, only minutes from the New York border and the Stamford train station.

Castrol SYNTEC
Everything else is just motor oil. No leading motor oil provides more horsepower than Castrol SYNTEC

  • SYNTEC provides superior protection against deposits. Corrosive particles such as acid, soot and oxidized fuel fragments can cause costly damage to critical engine parts.
  • SYNTEC contains a Powerful Additive Package that neutralizes corrosive particles, preventing them from grouping together and forming sludge.
  • Neutralizes acids in your engine that can cause rust and corrosion on vital engine parts such as cylinders, bearings and hydraulic valve lifters.
  • SYNTEC meets the world’s toughest gasoline engine protection requirements.
  • SYNTEC provides Stability & Endurance under extreme conditions (heat, load, speed) that can cause conventional oils to break down.
  • SYNTEC delivers the ultimate performance under high-temperature conditions: unsurpassed protection against volatility burn-off and viscosity increase.
  • SYNTEC can be used with confidence in every gasoline engine passenger car, new or old, regardless of oil previously used.
  • SYNTEC is fully compatible with all conventional and synthetic oils.
  • SYNTEC offers a level of protection that Outperforms All Leading Conventional Oils, passing severe industry torture tests.


DRIVEN Clothing Company
A new clothing company formed by brothes Jameson and Andrew (AJ) Riley. Every person wants to do something. They are DRIVEN to win, to be successful, to be happy. Derived from Motorsports, but with the entire world in mind, DRIVEN embodies the image of anyone who is DRIVEN with anything that they do. We help remind everyone that the DRIVE to succeed is available to anyone who wants it. What DRIVES you?

FRS | healthy energy
The FRS Company was formed in 2004 to market a new flavonoid-based healthy energy drink developed by beverage entrepreneur Thomas Lines and refined and tested by eminent Harvard scientists. Richard Lamb, co-founder and former President of the Balance Bar Company, was recruited to lead the company’s drive into marketing flavonoid-based products designed to improve consumer health and performance. The company uses the latest scientific research to create innovative, great tasting functional foods, beverages, dietary supplements and ingredients. The FRS Company’s proprietary formulas synergistically combine nature’s most potent plant nutrients with other healthy ingredients to provide both immediate and long-term health benefits. The company’s products enjoy significant patent protection.

The company’s flagship product is FRS® antioxidant health drink, a scientifically formulated supplement beverage designed to provide sustained energy, boost performance and neutralize free radicals before they can cause cellular damage.

The FRS Company management and advisory team is composed of nutrition and beverage industry leaders, renowned Harvard scientists and doctors and specialists in the fields of sports performance, disease prevention, and drug development.

Austin Hatcher Foundation
The Austin Hatcher Foundation was formed in 2006 by parents who lost their nine-week-old baby boy to a very rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer. The Foundations mission is to support research towards the diagnoses, treatment and development of a cure for pediatric cancer and to provide support and hope to children and families undergoing treatment as well as to those who have lost children due to cancer. Riley Racing and the entire Riley family are strong supporters of this important foundation and its purpose, and will be helping to benefit this organization and its beneficiaries throughout the entire year, on and off the track.

Time began for BREMONT when Nicholas and Giles English, two brothers with a shared passion for aviation, embarked on a project to make beautifully-crafted pilot’s watches of exceptional quality. Above all, the watches would be both professional and durable. The company is wholly focused on producing precise and purposeful Swiss mechanical watches to be admired by the best in their professions, and not only aviation. The timeless design and technological precision ensure that every watch released by BREMONT will be a piece of history in its own right.

Oakley was created for world-class athletes, those who see the limits of possibility as just another challenge. Their dedication drives us to look beyond the conventional ideas of industry standards. It’s in our DNA to identify problems, create inventions, and wrap those inventions in art. And simply to make things better than anyone thought possible.

Decades of Oakley innovation have been awarded more than 540 patents that elevate physics to the level of art. Technologies transcend sports to enhance the lives of consumers, and more than 110 countries now enjoy a full array of market-leading products including premium sunglasses, goggles, prescription eyewear, apparel, footwear and accessories. These products represent our commitment to excellence — a passion that redefines what is possible for those who defy their own limits.